Hello everyone! I am Merve. Firstly, I want to talk about myself and my blog. Talking about myself is the hardest thing ever for me. However I gotta do, right?. So, here we go!

I am Turkish and living in Istanbul. Also I’m a Molecular Biologist and currently doing my masters at the field of Molecular Medicine in Istanbul. Science has been always a very big part of my life since my childhood. Yet I wanted to be a scientist since I was 8. So, this passion dragged me these days and opened the roads for me to be a molecular biologist. That’s why I want to continue my research life with PhD hopefully (finger crossed!).

Rather than science, my life has been occupied with the passion of art, photography and exploring the world. And this is the part I am most excited about in my life. Because I experienced depply that hobbies make your life a real life and make you who you really are. As you will see if you check my website, I really really love especially street photography. For now I have only been in Turkey, which is my home country, and the UK. I haven’t yet explored all the places I want but it is on my list!

Since then, I lived in Nottingham, UK for about one year. I have been in London and Oxford. Other than this, my adventures are limited in Turkey for now. I have a great passion for traveling. I want to see the world. I actually want to live the world. I want to travel and take photos of all beautiful streets, colorful buildings, gorgeous mountains, breathtaking hills and waterfalls. I want to smell all beautiful mornings, and listen to chirping of birds. I want to keep them all as photographs and beautiful memories with me. While having all that, I will be doing science as my job. Hopefully.

For short, I am a person who enjoys this life by doing science, traveling, taking photos, and making art. I am keeping this blog for especially myself to leave something from my past to future me. Even if we think that we never ever forget some specific moments in the future, but we are definitely going to. All moments and experiences I shared and will be sharing here are the ones I do not want to forget in the future.

Before finising;

I would like to share one more thing. I have a twin sister who has exactly same story as me. We went to same schools. We even went to the same Uni and finished same department. We did the same internships at the same places. Now we have same job. We are doing our masters at the same department with same group and supervisor. And we have same hobbies too. Her name is Aylin and she will be sharing blog posts here. You’ll get to know her soon.

So, hello again and welcome to journey of my life!